Coronavirus Government Response Tracker

As globally comparing or even tracking government responses as e.g. lockdowns is somewhat difficult, this tool of Blavatnik School of Government / Oxford University is helpfull. They collect publicly available information on 17 indicators and even provide their (manually) collected data on github.  Coronavirus Government Response Tracker | Bla...

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COVID-19 Multi-Model Comparison Collaboration 

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Video Meeting 28/05/2020 17:00 CET


Covid-19 Project We have a video meeting today, 28/05/2020 17:00 CET (Paris, Berlin, Rome) Zoom URL: Meeting-ID: 954 7608 1270 You can make contact in one-to-one discussion prior to the meeting at the same URL. This is ideal for new members and specific discussions. Agenda: - State of the project, goals (M...

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Video Meeting Today


We have a video meeting today, with the usual URL: Meeting-ID: 954 7608 1270 Agenda:Motivation for continuing the projectMotivation for continuing the projectThe data situationComputational infrastructure and approachesThe seminar idea Markus Kirkilionis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. https://mathematica...

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Enter the Ensemble Projection

Responding the the increasing proliferation of computational models aiming to predict the Covid-19 death toll in the US, researchers have applied an approach that has proved successful in predicting seasonal flu cases, by merging the different forecasts in a standardized way

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COVID-19 updates from Singapore

Dear all, Just want to share some online public events from the National University of Singapore (Kevin's alma mater) that discuss the global economic, social, and community impact of COVID-19. Hope this can be useful! 2 Navigating The New Normal: A Webinar Series by NUS Business School, National University of Singapore on Monday, May 11 2020 https...

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Lives vs Dollars - modeling the pros and cons of reopening the US economy

While reported infections from Covid-19 and deaths are plateauing is some US states, the damage to the economy is getting worse every day, so it's not surprising that the rationale for easing restrictions to business and personal freedoms is hotly debated. Models are emerging that try to support evidence-based decision making. Here's two examples. ...

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Dynamic Modeling Meets Machine Learning in Epidemiology

Dear all, We chanced upon a couple of very interesting papers about how dynamic modeling is transitioning to a (machine learning based) data-driven approach. This is also relevant for those who attend Prof Markus Kirkilionis' Heidelberg lecture on mathematical modeling! The first paper introduces Universal Differential Equation (UDE) that blen...

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ECMI Web Seminar (Today!)


Mathematics of the COVID19 crisis:In the eye of the storm The COVID-19 pandemic is currently generating considerable activity among applied and industrial mathematicians across Europe.The mathematics of modelling, simulation, and optimisation in all its various forms has experienced an unusual level of attention from authorities and from the media....

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Mutations key to understanding?

How understanding the main mutation lineages might help explain spread and issues with tests 

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New York Times

Cuomo Says 21 Percent of Those Tested in N.Y.C. Had Virus Antibodies:

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Regular Video Meetings COVID-19 Project

Next Videoconference: 23 March 2020 17:00 CET 954 7608 1270 Agenda: Welcome to new membersDistribution of project roles and tasksData CollectionRepositoriesDiscussion on next milestones Dear Covid-19 team members, we are having regular video meetings to discuss the project and set up teams to work on...

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COVID-19 Getting Started Resources

Hello Mathematical Modeling peers, We are excited to be part of the team for this project initiative! We have also searched around and found some really cool resources that we think might be useful to get started: 1. Coronavirus Tech Handbook: a crowd-sourced library of coronavirus-related tech solutions. 2. An interactive 3D-map of COVID-19 -- it'...

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Initialization Covid-19 Modelling Team Blog

This is a new team blog for communication within the project initiative only. Please use it for cross communication and internal archiving purposes.

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The virus' progress around the world in March


Six countries had reported more than 10 (!) Covid-19 infections by Feb 1st (China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Australia), and China accounted for 99% of them. By Feb 15th, the number of countries had doubled, adding France, Germany, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and the US; China's share further dwarfed that of every other country.&nbs...

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One World Probability Seminar


Link to One World Probability Seminar Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world has been forced to slow down. The scientific community has been no exception with cancellations of conferences, seminars and research visits. We are all forced to build up new communication channels, the One World Probability Seminar is an attempt...

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Hackathon US


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Individual Infection Rate Covid-19


The probability of an individual to get infected with the new Covid-19 virus depends on two factors: The present availability of the virus in your local environment (say a 2m sphere around your current position, for practical reasons).Your own behaviour at your position. Let me explain. Your current position will have air volume around yo...

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Hectic work on COVID-19 spread dynamics

There is currently much mathematical modelling work related to COVID-19 on the way. If predictions on contact models would be sufficiently successful, this can guide the public and decision makers to follow the best strategy to bring new infections with the virus considerably down. Tragically, the co-founder of one of the leading centers worki...

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Blogs on Mathematical Modelling

There will be blogs available for comments on recent developments relevant for mathematical modelling questions 

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