Covid-19 Project - Paper Presentation: Tin foil hats and vaccination hesitancy - 01/07/2021

Covid-19 Project - Paper Presentation: Tin foil hats and vaccination hesitancy - 01/07/2021

We have a paper presentation video meeting Thursday 01/07/2021, 17:00 CET (Paris-Berlin-Rome), 4:00 p.m. GMT (London).

Title: Tin foil hats and vaccination hesitancy
Johannes Müller, TU München

Joint work with
Volker Hösel and Aurelien Tellier (TU München)

Matthias Gsänger, Christoph Mohamad-Klotzbach (Univ. Würzburg),
Michael Kurschilgen (TU München)

Abstract: Vaccination hesitancy is a major problem for pubic health care.
Therefore, the efforts to understand vaccination hesitancy did
increase in recent years. Traditionally, game theoretic approaches
have been used: The idea is that persons rationally weight the
risk to become infected versus the risk of side-effects due to
vaccination. Even since the first seminal paper (Fine and Clarkson 1986)
it was clear that rational decisions are not everything: Individuals
are e.g. also responsive to conspiracy theories ("Bill Gates uses
covid-19 vaccines to chip us all"). Social learning theory for vaccination
hesitancy (Bauch, 2012) is closer to also acknowledge these aspects.

We propose a novel opinion model, based on the zealot model, that
allows for reinforcement and echo chambers to describe vaccination hesitancy.
In the talk, we will discuss the opinion model and analyses the effects of
reinforcement. We find bifurcations and phase transitions.
In order to show that the model is not only of use for qualitative but also for
quantitative analysis, we do a brief detour over election data (and e.g. find
traces of D. Trump in the 2016 US election), before we develop a spatially
structured version of our model and analyze vaccination data for measles
and meningococci in Germany. At the end, we briefly go into implications
of our findings for public health care.

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