COVID-19 updates from Singapore

Dear all, Just want to share some online public events from the National University of Singapore (Kevin's alma mater) that discuss the global economic, social, and community impact of COVID-19. Hope this can be useful! 2 Navigating The New Normal: A Webinar Series by NUS Business School, National University of Singapore on Monday, May 11 2020 https...

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Dynamic Modeling Meets Machine Learning in Epidemiology

Dear all, We chanced upon a couple of very interesting papers about how dynamic modeling is transitioning to a (machine learning based) data-driven approach. This is also relevant for those who attend Prof Markus Kirkilionis' Heidelberg lecture on mathematical modeling! The first paper introduces Universal Differential Equation (UDE) that blen...

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COVID-19 Getting Started Resources

Hello Mathematical Modeling peers, We are excited to be part of the team for this project initiative! We have also searched around and found some really cool resources that we think might be useful to get started: 1. Coronavirus Tech Handbook: a crowd-sourced library of coronavirus-related tech solutions. 2. An interactive 3D-map of COVID-19 -- it'...

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